Football fields are used to witnessing the toughest of players, and the most enthusiastic audience. To keep up their spirit of extreme sports, Turf of America designs the most advanced green fields in the world. Our sports experts have synthesized the field designs after years of research to bring forth the toughest turf football field installation for the high-performance players out there. Football demands the perfect running grip, effective protection against the ‘foot and fall’ injuries along with the near perfect foot strike and ground impact. Turf of America’s Football turf offers just that. Our high-strength synthetic fiber-mesh design holds the green grass in its place giving the Football players an adequate grip and control as they vector the field in any direction with any strength.

Artificial Turf Installation for Football Field

Football, the world’s most popular sport, is now played on advanced artificial turf football fields. The artificial turf for surface is a fibre that is tufted onto a backing fabric, similar to carpet production. However, these turfs present a unique set of challenges for Football turf field installation when it comes to protecting players’ lower ligaments during play, attenuating shock to reduce the chances of concussions and, providing adequate agility required performing. To deliver these benefits, Turf of America incorporates distinct technological innovations for advance level of turf installation for football.

Our sports experts have synthesized the artificial turf football fields design after years of research to bring the turf installation for football, for enabling high-performance of the players. We ensure that our high-strength synthetic fibre-mesh design holds green grass in its place, providing the Football players with an adequate grip and control as they vector the field in any direction with any strength.

Our Artificial turf football fields comprise of synthetic fibres that not only replicate the look and feel of natural turf but also have several undeniable benefits such as:-

  • Provides ideal balance for shock absorption
  • Longevity and minimal maintenance
  • Minimal injury risk
  • Eco-friendly
  • Child and pet-friendly
  • High-endurance
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers consistent playing conditions

The overall durability, reduced cost of maintenance, reduction in usage of water are some of the highlighting factors why turf installation for football is gaining so much popularity. If player’s safety, field reparation, longevity, and accelerated player development are priorities for you, opting for Football turf field installation would be the right move.

With years of experience overseeing thousands of installations, the Turf of America team has your back! We are experts at providing the most professional looking sports fields and the best surfacing technology and systems for sports at every level. We make sure your football turf field installation is done seamlessly and accurately.

Why Turf of America Football Turf?

Our Football turfs have been revolutionizing this game’s sports standards because of;

  • Minimized injury risk
  • Designed for high performance (Field vectoring, optimum running grip, etc.)
  • Even field with minimum possible to no undulations
  • Robustness
  • Easy maintenance

We manufacture Football turfs not just as a business but because fueling the love for this sport is our passion. Turf of America has installed its specimens and projects across the world and is proud of its growing clientele.

If you are a hardcore Baseball enthusiast, we know how much toughness and perfection is important to you. And so, we bring to you the most technically advanced turf systems.
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