Turf Field Installation

Outdoor Turf Installations

‘Turf of America’ provides beginning-to-end installation services of advanced outdoor turf systems for all the sports. Be it soccer, hockey, baseball, football or lacrosse, our cutting-edge turf-weaving technology ensures the highest quality turf performance. Our outdoor turf is installed by the experts only.

Indoor Turf Systems

We have the perfect indoor turfs suited to your love of the indoor sports. Robust, reliable, tough, easy to maintain and time-tested are just a few labels our clients give to out indoor turf systems. Check them out and get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

Multi-Purpose Turf Systems

Trust only the experts when it comes to your favorite sports. Turf of America provides turf fields for all the outdoor as well as indoor sports. Our multi-purpose turf systems feature the best combination of innovation, playability, shock absorption, performance, affordability, durability, UV stability & soft fibers.


Soccer Turf Installation

FIFA Approved & Licensed soccer turf exactly like the turf fields worldwide.

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Lacrosse Turf Installation

We will meet your budget on a lacrosse turf field by also providing the highest quality tested turf for your field.

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Baseball Turf Installation

Baseball Turf Installation Indoor or Outdoor, we have 15 years of experience of installing turf for baseball facilities of simple batting cages.

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Football Turf Installation

NFL teams have trusted us for over 15 years. We have 4 current NFL teams with our turf field 7 over 40 NCAA Fields.

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Artificial Grass or fake grass installation was used for the first time in 1966 when it was installed in the Houston Astrodome, the world’s first domed indoor multipurpose sports stadium. Since then it has been generally used for sport applications. In some parts of the world, artificial turf grass installation is more common than real grass, for football turf field installation or baseball fields and soccer complexes and also for turf installation for lacrosse etc.

Nowadays, the Artificial Grass industry has changed vastly over the years with products that are more affordable and realistic looking than ever before. Rapidly increase in baseball turf field installation and other sport field turf installation.

Why prefer Artificial Professional Turf Field Installation?

Artificial Turf is a waterless landscaping solution that offers a lot of benefits:-

  • Unlike natural grass fields, artificial turf will not turn to mud on days with a heavy rainfall because false grass features all-weather properties that make it especially ideal for playing on during the wetter seasons.
  • Artificial turf field installation offers a higher level of versatility than natural grass, as it can endure heavy use without any recovery time between games.
  • false grass installation requires little maintenance and upkeep as compared to natural grass, which requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding, and pest control.
  • Turf can allow for more control over the pitch or the field’s consistency, as each section of the grass is manufactured to be exactly the same.
  • Thus, it is a cost-saving, water-saving, time-saving landscape material that can be used for almost any type of sports application.

Turf of America is committed to delivering top-quality, safe, reliable synthetic turf for soccer field and baseball field or football field systems. We aim to provide great value for money and excellent return on investment with false or fake grass installation.

Why Choose Turf of America for high - quality professional turf field installation?
  • Our turf field installation procedure is designed for high-performance
  • We provide even field with minimum to no undulations
  • We facilitate robust and easy maintenance sports field turf
  • We assure minimal injury risk

About Turf of America

Turf of America is a leading supplier of artificial green turf systems across the USA. We work through a highly selective network of Green Field and turf system installers in America, ensuring that they withstand the roughest and toughest teams in all the outdoor games. Advanced engineering coupled with cutting-edge solutions form the core of our business philosophy for the best client satisfaction. We have worked on numerous projects for installing and maintaining artificial sports turfs, making us the unparalleled leaders in this industry.

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